Top 8 activities to do in Hoi An

if you travel through Vietnam, the beautiful town Hoi An can be a place to chill out in the middle, it is nice slow living pace and balance of a small town life and countryside life.

Here is our suggestion of top 10 things to do in Hoi An.

  1. Walking around Ancient town.
    • First of our list is visiting the famous ancient Hoi An. Whole area is like a living museum with hundreds of living houses, cafes, restaurants, shops. Work out which place you are going to visit is tricky a bit. Here is our list of our suggestions.
      • Buy ticket of ancient town: it can be quite confusing topic. I heard that the ticket of the old town just applied for organized tours. But just spend 120k ( 5usd), we know some of the money would go for funding to preserve the old houses of Hoi An.
      • First place you can visit is Japanses Covered Bridge, the iconic building of Hoi An presents for an interesting combination of culture. As Hoi An was a popular stop of silk road from 16th – 17th century, there was many international travelers had lived in Hoi An at that time, specially group of Chinese and Japanese traders. The bridge was built to connect towns of Chinese and Japanese together. Locals say the bridge was built by Japanese and recontructed by Chinese.
      • Chinese accembly hall and temples: Big part of Hoi An culture is Chinese influence. There was lot of Chineses came to settle in Hoi An back to 15th – 16th century and still 3000 Chinese still living in Hoi An. Their Accembly Halls are very nice to visit and understand their culture.
      • Break at a cafe: Hoi An can be the top places in Vietnam where local coffee shops are running the best. You may see huge shops on the main front road such as Hoi An Roastery, Hoi An Moments cafe…. But the best shops normally located inside alleys. Visit Phin Coffee Restaurant, you can have the best time for coffee and break.
  2. Join a Vietnamese Cooking Class
  3. Make your own Lantern at lantern making workshop
  4. Make your own cup of coffee and understand much more about coffee culture of Vietnam with coffee master at Phin Coffee Restaurant.
  5. Join a cycling tour with Hoi An Cycling Tour
  6. Day trip to My Son
  7. An Bang Beach
  8. Discover local street food culture

Before attending any workshop, it’s a good idea to check reviews and make reservations if needed. Hoi An’s crafts workshops are not only educational but also provide a unique and memorable way to immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions.

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