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Premium Honey Robusta Beans (250g bag)


Premium Honey Robusta

Honey processed: the pulp of the coffee cherry is removed, the mucilage (the sticky, sugary layer that surrounds the coffee bean – hence, “honey”!) stays on the bean instead of being washed off as in the typical washed coffee process. This gives the raw material a slightly golden colour (instead of the usual green bean in washed coffee) and  infuses the bean with a notable sweet and honey-like flavour

Farmed in Central Highland of Vietnam, around 400 – 1000 masl. 100% of fruits are matural,

Roasted medium

Flavor note: Smooth, Round, sweet after-taste and dark chocolate.

Best for condensed milk mix.

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Vietnamese Phin Coffee Filter


Invented in the end of 19th century when French brought coffee to Vietnam, Phin filter quickly became the most popular equipment to brew coffee in this country.

These Phin are aluminum anodes with 4 colors: Red, Blue, Black and Yellow.

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