medium grind size of coffee for making vietnamese drip coffee

1 Hour Coffee Class (2:00 pm – 3:00 pm) – 460,000vnd

Our barista will greet you there. you will be welcomed by trying the most humble equipment – Cloth filter coffee with our house blend. Then you are making your own Vietnamese traditional Phin Coffee with different kind of beans.
Then we are making the famous Egg coffee with the modern twisted recipes of our head barista, popular coconut coffee which Phin Coffee shops are known as the best coconut coffee places in town. We also making Vietnamese Ca Phe Sua Da – Iced Coffee with condensed milk which you find it every single coffee shops in Vietnam.
It is a really hand-on experience that you will really make your coffee, surely with our recipes and knowledge of grinding size, water temperature, coffee beans, ….

The benefit for you is to drink the yummiest coffee drinks and have one of the best recipes to make your coffee at home


Vietnamese Coffee workshop

2 Hours Coffee Class (9:00 am – 11:00 am) – 600,000vnd

Meet up at Phin Coffee Workshop with our Master Barista, who will lead the entire experience. Learn about Vietnam’s coffee history, the difference between the kinds of beans grown in Vietnam, different processing methods used and all the affects on the taste in the cup. Then we will learn how to make the most popular method of brewing Vietnamese coffee – Phin with 3 different kinds of beans: Robusta, Arabica and our house blend (70%Arabica, 30% Robusta);
During the sharing, we will be able to taste our famous cold brew with lime and syrup, Vietnamese specialty coffee coffee beans brewed by French Press,then you practice to brew coffee with Phin filter with different kinds of beans for tasting.
Everyone is welcome to join, whether you have no knowledge about coffee or enough experience to consider yourself a ‘coffee snob.’ We will all explore together and learn the amazing sensation of top quality coffee. Come join us!


6 Hours (in 3-day) Coffee Class – 1400,000vnd

Work directly with our head barista to know perfectly how to brew your coffee. Basically you are paying for your coffee for your 3 days in Hoi An and get to know how to make your coffee with our equipment. The knowledge is a big step for your coffee making. And surely you will impress your loved ones.

You will be mastering how to make your V60 pour-over, Vietnamese Phin Coffee, French Press, Moka Pot, Cold brew with many choice of beans, roasting profiles, …

You will also witness our roasting process and be able to taste the freshest coffee beans. Know perfectly how to get right grinding size, water temperature for your personal taste.


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