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How to get to Phin Coffee ?

If the Map doesn’t lead you to our café, let’s follow the sign of Secret Garden on the main Street. It is actually right next to the secret garden restaurant.

We offer


Its delicious smooth blend and various varieties seductively charm you at the start of your day.

Sweet treats

These desserts aren’t simply favorites of ours; they also help define, in their own way

Lunch Menu

We make our lunches and dinners with the finest ingredients we can find to make our meals as flavorful as possible.

Coffee Workshop

Learn how to make the most popular method of brewing Vietnamese coffee, then you practice to brew coffee with different kinds of beans for tasting…

Locals Friendly

Based in the heart of Hoi An, Phin was designed as a coffee station for all on a coffee craving day…

Phin’s corner


What a hidden gem in the alley ways of Hoian. Great coffee and carrot cake!

Matt McDonnell

What a find! Awesome coffee hidden down a little alley. If you didn't know it was there you'd miss the best coffee in Hoi An. Cheaper and better quality than what is found in the nearby tourist streets. Quiet green little garden setting for some really tasty coffee. Don't miss it!

Jay Peabey

Excellent coffee, beautiful little sanctuary away from the hordes. And finding it is half the fun, don’t give up, you will be rewarded

Julie Conover